We don't produce to stock!

We produce for you to experience the ultimate freshness with production to consumption within hours.

Our cheeses are the result of a short supply chain and always made to order and delivered, daily, directly to your door from our dairy in central London. You order at night and we deliver in the morning, cutting long and complex planning activities and minimising inventory and wastage, while always ensuring that the product in your kitchen is never older than few hours!

Talk to us! Inspire us! The more we work with you, the better we will be at it!

We personally meet with every customer (chefs, caterers, specialty food buyers), listen to his or her needs and offer a highly bespoke product and service that perfectly match his/her quest for top quality and authenticity. And if, somehow, we can’t fulfill your wishes right away, we will work with you, and for you, to do so. Our skilful casari will surprise you with their creativity and will satisfy the finest and most sophisticated palates with the simplest and most unpretentious ingredients!

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L'Angolo Del Casaro

What if you could have the extreme experience of freshness: warm, deliciously milky mozzarella straight from the hands of our casaro? You will remember that first bite of warm just made mozzarella forever! A (re)discovery of a unique taste!

Our products, and their skilful masters, will become the centrepiece of your memorable events, from private parties to special celebrations or corporate events. Our live mozzarella shows, with the dairyman kneading the products right in front of your guests, will undoubtedly leave them in complete awe. And why don’t you try spinning a nodino yourself?

L'Angolo Del Casaro

Call us or email us for more information. We will devise the perfect format for your unforgettable event.

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