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  • Can I pick my order up?

    Our premises are not open to the public and orders can only be delivered.

  • Who delivers my food?

    Our delivery drivers are thoroughly trained drivers. They collect your order directly form our dairy, make sure it remains fresh and ready to eat in temperature control units and bring the food to your door with a smile on their face. Speed and freshness are our first priority.

  • Where do you deliver?

    We are young and small and trying to do our best to reach you wherever you are, in London. Our delivery services are rapidly expanding and currently available throughout most (but still not all) parts of London. For more details on delivery zones please check our Delivery Map.

  • When will I receive my order?

    We proud ourselves to be a small, yet efficient artisanal dairy, with main focus on product and service quality. In order to deliver on both our goals, we invest time and resources to make sure each one of our products is made with the freshest ingredients and packaged with the highest level of care. As a result, once your order is confirmed, it is usually sent to production on the next day, and delivered on the same day of production. Order by 24:00 two days prior to delivery (ie: for delivery on Friday, orders must be placed by midnight on Wednesday). No delivery available on Saturday and Sunday.

  • How much are your delivery charges?

    We have now removed all our delivery charges within all our delivery zones.

    Shipping is free on all orders.

  • Delayed delivery

    ur drivers do everything they can to get your food to you as quickly as possible after production. On busy (or rainy) days, it may take a bit longer. Please forgive us in advance.

  • What if I am not around when the delivery driver arrives?

    We ask for your mobile and email during checkout for this reason. When our driver arrives he will contact you by phone. Please ensure that we are given instructions if there is somewhere specific you want the parcel left (eg with a neighbor) or call us at least a day before the delivery is due. Our drivers will wait up to 10 minutes before leaving for the next order. As they are delivering fresh products, unless instructed, we always ask them to leave the parcel in a safe place rather than return it to us. If there is no-one home, and the parcel is left in a safe place, the delivery is considered fulfilled. So keep an eye on your phone!

  • Can I change my delivery day?

    If you wish to change your delivery date please send us an email by 3pm on the day prior to delivery and we will try to accommodate.

  • What if I am not happy with all or part of my order?

    We take great pride in our products and service and if you are not happy then we certainly aren’t. If you notice any products are missing from the pack at the time of receipt, or if it contains products that are different from the products ordered or if it contains damaged products, the best course of action is to refuse to accept the delivery and then get in touch with us as soon as possible on info@lalatteria.co.uk. We will do our best to help.

  • How will my products stay fresh in transit?

    For our deliveries we normally use motorbikes, for which we have devised a simple, yet very efficient temperature control solution. We worked with Thermafreeze, a food-safe dry gel ice pack alternative, to identify the best solution for our container boxes.

    Our products will be normally packaged and then inserted in hermetically closed plastic containers surrounded by Thermafreeze ice packs. These contain tiny gel beads that are able to soak up large amounts of water and expand when doing so; enabling them to hold that water in a solid, frozen state for long periods of time. This ensure that the temperature is maintained below 6C.

  • How are the products packaged?

    Our fresh cheeses are prepared to order by our cheese maker on the day of your delivery and they are extremely delicate, especially right after production. Like production, they are manually packaged with the upmost care. We have tried several ways to package them in a format that would minimize fluids leakage or them being damaged during delivery. We are currently using what we think is the best balance between effectiveness and convenience. But we cannot guarantee unexpected inconveniences. We apologize in advance for any shortcoming of our packaging as we continue to working on improving it and finding the optimal solution.