Our Philosophy

Our customers don’t buy products! They buy an experience! A journey into the simplest yet most authentic traditions of the Italian cheese craftsmanship

  • The simplest best quality ingredients
  • The passion and dedication of artisans who have passed cheese-making traditions for generations
  • A short supply chain, result of a close cooperation between local farmers, experienced cheese-makers and refined final customers
  • Creativity and innovation while preserving the traditions and the rituals of the ancient cheese-making art

These are the pillars on which our philosophy is built, which define who we are, what we do and how we do it

We bring some of the pleasures of the simple countryside life into your urban reality.

Our Mission

(Re)create the authenticity of Home away from Home

Italians love food. It makes us happy. And we love sharing it with people who enjoy it as much as we do. So, let us share it!!

As we say in Italy: “C’è mozzarella … … e mozzarella” (trans: “There’s Mozzarella … … and then there’s mozzarella”) and once you’ve tasted an authentic fresh mozzarella, you’ll know exactly what this means – when served at room temperature within few hours from production so that its full flavor, milky texture and inimitable taste can be truly enjoyed. If there is a gastronomical nirvana, we would dare say: this must be it!

Our promise? No more will you need long trips to sunny Southern Italy to experience the ultimate freshness, taste and texture of authentic Italian fresh cheeses!

“All Made Possible Thanks to Our Trusted Partners”

Our Farmers

At La Latteria we make cheese the traditional Southern Italian way and we source our milk from small sustainable local farms, selected for their traditional working methods and dedication to their animals.

La Latteria is, in fact, highly committed to support British farmers: the future of our business.

Vigilant controls at every stage of our production enables us to guarantee the best quality of our products. Adherence to best practice in food safety and animal welfare is at the very heart of our philosophy of simplicity and authenticity, with all our farmers complying with the Red Tractor Assured Dairy Scheme.

Centro Della Mozzarella

A step back in time: to the courtesy and the familiarity of the ancient craftsmen; to the passion for the good (traditional) things but still with the enthusiasm and the curiosity to seek new things; to the attention for their people!

That’s how Centro Della Mozzarella, our Italian partner in crime, inspires us every day, guiding us and helping us to stay true to our origins, and to the intuition behind La Latteria (which years back was the same intuition behind Centro Della Mozzarella).

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Trusted By The Best

Chefs are our constant source of inspiration. Their epicurean creativity enables us to push our boundaries and innovate our products. We personally meet with each one of them, discuss their needs, learn from them and they eventually entrust us to offer a unique and bespoke experience.